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wheatThis has been quite a good few days with regards to GMOs. It excites me no end that maybe, just maybe, people will vote Yes on 522. Here’s hoping. Here is a recap of these stories.

1. Attorney General Bob Ferguson brought a lawsuit that forced the GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) to come clean on laundered money they used to fight a GMO labeling initiative in Washington State.

2. Mexico banned genetically engineered corn based on the ruling of a judge, citing “imminent environmental harms.”

3. In opposition of Monsanto and their control of our food supply, March Against Monsanto protests took place in more than 100 cities, 52 countries,  on 6 continents !

4. Criminal proceedings against Monsanto and its Partners in India’s First Case of Bio-Piracy is reinstated by the Indian High Court.

5. On the big Island of Hawaii, Bill 113 revokes any new GMO crops from being grown there (except GMO papaya). The second reading will be on Nov. 6th of this year.

6. Costa Rica is pursuing legal framework in order to become a 100% GMO-free country.

7. Over 80 scientists released a statement challenging claims that GMO crops are safe for human consumption.

8. An ordinance has been submitted by an L.A. city Council member, Paul Koretz, that would ban the “growing or selling of genetically-modified seeds or plants within the City.

9. Bill 2491 was passed on the island of Kaua’i that mandates farms to disclose pesticide use and the presence of genetically modified crops. The bill also requires a 500-foot buffer zone near medical facitlities, schools and homes.

10. Monsanto had a larger- than-expected , increased d4th quarter LOSS, of $249 Milllion. The same day Monsanto purchased a weather data company.

I don’t know about you, but this list is amazing and exciting! To me it feels like a snowball gradually getting larger and larger as it rolls uphill! I see it getting bigger and bigger still.

Remember vote YES on 522!

What is your take on Monsanto? Please share with us and others in the comments below.

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