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ToddlersMy little grandson has had a bad cough lately so I loved this article. They are great ideas. I have been making him a lemonade with raw honey and it has really helped. Hope some of these help your toddlers if they have a cough. I must also add honey and cinnamon in the warm water as they strengthen the immune system, helping ward off colds. Read on…….

8 Natural Ways To Cure Cough In Toddler

Coughing is a defensive mechanism which takes out mucus and prevents the dead cells from settling in the lungs. Through cough, all the irritants are thrown out from the body. Coughing in toddler can be due to various reasons such as cold or flu. If coughing doesn’t reduce within two weeks, it can be symptoms of serious health problems such as bronchitis or pneumonia. Consult your pediatrician to cure cough in toddlers. If your toddler doesn’t have fever and has slight cough since 3-4 days, then try these natural remedies to cure cough in toddlers.

Home remedies to cure cough in toddlers:

1. It is good to dress your toddler in warm clothes as cough can increase due to exposure to cold air.

2. Keep the toddler in a moist room. Moist air is helps for coughing and congestion. This is an effective home remedy to get rid of cough.

3. You can also use a humidifier to have a warm temperature in the room. Sit in a warm room for some time with your toddler and relax.

4. Coughing can spoil the sleep of your toddler especially at night. So make your toddler sleep in the day time to pick up for the lost sleep. A small nap is enough to rejuvenate the body.

5. Eucalyptus balm with natural plant extracts is effective aromatherapy to cure cough. Apply some balm on the toddler’s chest before bedtime. This opens the breathing passage, blocked nose and improves circulation.

6. Give warm water instead of normal cold water. Boiled water helps take out the cough easily. You can also give few drops of herbal tea but take the doctor’s advice before giving herbal tea.

7. Give plenty of fluids such as water and vegetable soup as the illness can lead to dehydration in the body. The body energy levels decrease while fighting infections and virus so give fluids which are nutritious and healthy.

8. If the toddler is coughing a lot after having milk, stop it for few days. Milk can lead to allergy or increase cough. Give hot milk and serve through spoon. You can also give ½ tsp honey if your toddler is more than 1 year old.

These are few natural remedies to cure cough in toddlers.

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How do you help your kids overcome a cough? Let me know in the comments!

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