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Apple Cider VinegarMy friend was visiting us and she kept coughing. I told her to try apple cider vinegar with honey in warm water. It stopped. I also had a student who had asthma and he was having trouble breathing. I gave him the apple cider vinegar and honey, no water. It was amazing how much easier it was for him to breathe.

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I was desperate after a nagging cough kept me up most of the night and was relentless during the day. My head/neck area still hurt but at least the coughing has stopped. I took 2 cups of the concoction (1TB ACV; 1TB honey in 1 Cup of hot water). and at first it didn’t do much. After my 3rd/4rth cup I realized that I had stopped coughing and that nagging tickle was no longer in my throat.

What remedies do you use apple cider vinegar for? Post in the comments below!

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