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This is a very lengthy article so I have taken the liberty of using the introduction and the conclusion only. The rest is about John Hopkins findings, mouth cancer and many fungal conditions. What I found interesting is that there is a book written by Dr. Mark Sircus, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rich Man’s, Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, that I did not know about. I will definitely invest in a copy. I have used baking soda for heartburn and toothpaste but obviously, after reading this, I will definitely use it more. Read on……

“The cancer industry is closing in on baking soda and beginning to do research in earnest about sodium bicarbonate and how it is a primary tool in the treatment of fungus. Cancer is a fungus, can be caused by a fungus, or is accompanied by late-stage fungal infections, and now the Mayo Clinic confirms this. They are not the first to say so though. Many, even from the official world of orthodox oncology, recognize the similarities of cancer and fungal infections, the decay that ties these two together in a dance that all too often ends in miserable death.

The Mayo Clinic is saying that a fungal infection of the gastrointestinal tract mimics cancer and inflammatory bowel disease. The invasive fungus, Basidiobolus ranarum, is typically found in the soil, decaying organic matter and the gastrointestinal tracts of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and bats……

Sodium Bicarbonate is an Antifungal Agent

The current controversy over sodium bicarbonate and its use in oncology might be relatively new but baking soda has a long history of helping people get through the worst medical conditions. The Eloquent Peasant, an Egyptian literary work dated around 2000 B.C., refers to a peddler selling natron, a natural blend of sodium bicarbonate, chloride and sodium carbonate used in mummification, just one of hundreds of uses this compound has been put to. Baking soda’s first widespread use was probably as a leavening agent for bread and other baked goods. It has been used commercially since 1775, although the now-famous Arm & Hammer brand wasn’t introduced until 1867.

Sodium bicarbonate (Na2HCO3) is recognized by most as ordinary baking soda, which is found in deposits around the globe. Its backbone characteristic is to maintain balance of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate and pH. Sodium bicarbonate is available and sold in every supermarket and pharmacy in the world and is widely used in emergency rooms and intensive care wards in injectable forms but is sold as a common household substance that is used for hundreds of different things.

Read my book, Sodium Bicarbonate, and see that something as inexpensive as baking soda will outperform the most expensive pharmaceuticals. Across a wide range of disorders, including cancer and diabetes, we find conclusive evidence and plenty of theoretical backing to suggest that sodium bicarbonate is a frontline universal medicine that should be employed by all practitioners of the healing and medical arts for a broad range of disorders that are afflicting contemporary man.”
by: Mark Sircus., AC, OMD,

For all the references, sources and more articles, please visit Dr. Mark Sircus blog.

If you would like to see the whole article, click here.

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