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DanDHave you ever picked up a package of Dan D Pak Almonds? Dan D Pak Pumpkin Seeds? Dan D Pak Apricots? Sesame Seeds? I love them so I went straight to Dan D Pak headquarters in Richmond. I spoke with a very nice man, Jun and he took into their product room to see the samples. There were so many.

Naturally, I felt a magnetic pull to the organic section and was most impressed. They had Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Chestnuts, Cranberries, Raisins, Almonds, Banana Chips, Quick Oats, Quinoa, Apricots, Prunes and more. I was so amazed. He offered me seven bags to try!! I took the Sesame Seeds, the Almonds, the Cranberries, the Apricots, the Quinoa, the Chestnuts and the Prunes.

As my daughter is helping me with my blog, I decided to share with her. She took the Apricots, the Almonds and half the bag of Sesame Seeds and I took the rest. Not quite fair, I know, but what can I say?

The Prunes are amazing. They are huge, plump, soft and very delicious. I usually only have one a day. I am sure you know why! I also liked the Apricots and the Almonds, as I sneak one or two of each every time I go over to my daughter’s now. I use the Sesame Seeds in my salad every day for a really nice crunch. The Quinoa, I used for my very delicious Quinoa burgers. The Cranberries and Raisins, I put in a homemade granola with Sunflower Seeds, more Sesame Seeds as well as Almonds and Pumpkin seeds.

All of them are really fresh as they are packaged well in great looking bags. They are not too costly, even the organic ones.

Dan D Pak has been around in the Lower Mainland for as long as I can remember. It’s been a staple of the Western Canadian diet for so long and I am so proud to say that. The company takes into consideration whether or not products are organic, what the health benefits are and in what state those products need to be to get the most from them. They get the products on the shelves of all the major grocery retailers in British Columbia so everyone has equal opportunity to eat wonderfully nutritious whole foods. To find out more about this Canadian company with a conscience, head on over to their website and Facebook page.

I want you all to stay tuned, because coming in fall, we will be having a series of amazing Dan D Pak giveaways that will make your mouths water. We’re talking beautifully packed gift baskets filled with whole, organic goodness that will change your health! Go on over to my Facebook page to stay tuned for that.

What Dan D Pak foods do you eat? Do you make a homemade granola? Please post any answers, comments and/or ideas below!

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