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Black teaThanks again to Ian Robinson in his Total Health Breakthroughs, here is a list of foods that contain quercetin. I have 7 of them daily as I make a green smoothie in the morning with the berries and red grapes and I make a salad everyday with red onions, tomatoes, broccoli and leafy green vegetables. Eat up people and feel good!

An Apple a Day…

So where can you get quercetin and how much should you take? Dr. Sears offers advice and guidance on dosage and servings.

“For general health purposes, I recommend 15 to 40 mg per day,” he says. “And you can get it simply by eating a few servings a day of fruits and vegetables that are rich in quercetin.”

Quercetin occurs naturally in many foods. You can find it in good amounts in simple, everyday apples. But it’s also found in:

Black Tea
Citrus fruit
Leafy green vegetables
Red grapes
Red onions

You can also get quercetin from easy dietary supplements here. Your local health food store should stock all-in-one supplements loaded with vitamins, minerals, and quercetin. But it’s important that you take the right amount.

“For peak performance, I suggest 500 mg twice a day,” says Dr. Sears. “For therapeutic purposes, you’ll need to take higher dosages, and only under professional supervision.”

Combine Antioxidants to Boost Benefits

You can maximize your energy levels by combining apples and raspberries with green tea. That’s because green tea also contains a powerful energy-boosting antioxidant.

People have known about the wide benefits of drinking green tea for years. It can support your immune system, fight aging, and promote healthy brain and liver function. But recent studies also show that it can boost energy and athletic performance.

One such study was published just this year by Maastricht University in the Netherlands. It revealed that catechins in green tea not only helped maintain weight, but also increased energy.

A second study from this year – conducted by the Waseda University in Japan – showed similar results. The study authors found that green tea does more than just enhance fat metabolism. They showed that it increases energy during exercise. And they came to one final simple conclusion: Exercise and green tea increase energy and fat burning levels.

The most up-to-date studies speak very clearly. Antioxidants can put that spring back in your step – no matter what your age is. Even better, they’ll deliver a whole host of other health benefits too. And you can claim all of these benefits by simply enjoying a bowl of cherries and a mug of green tea!

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