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My husband (this is not a picture of him)Rugosity has had athlete’s foot for a LONG time. He refuses to treat it properly. I haven’t really taken much of an interest other than to buy him some Absorbine Jr. I explained to him that he had to use a piece of cotton baton to put it on each time he used it so he wouldn’t reinfect it. Of course, he got tired of that! He started putting the sponge end of the Absorbine Jr. directly on his fungus. I tried to explain to him that he is only reinfecting it.

The other day, we were sitting outside in the sun and he put his foot on his knee and started itching it. I asked to see it. Oh, was it ever disgusting looking. I couldn’t even take a picture to put it up on this post. It wouldn’t have been fair to you people anyways!! It made me want to dry heave. Seriously! It is a big, puffy, white bubble. YUCK!

In researching natural remedies for this condition, I came across one of my favorite remedies for so many conditions, Apple Cider Vinegar!

He has been soaking his foot in equal parts vinegar and water twice a day. He thoroughly dries his feet after. The other things he has done, is put his shoes in the sun to totally dry out and kill the fungus as well as washed all his socks in hot water with added vinegar.

His foot is now fungus free!!

By the way, you can use white vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar as both have acetic acid which kills the fungus and relieves the itch.

photo by: Evil Erin
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