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So, yesterday, I planted the celery and Cabbwhite onion in my daughter’s garden. Today, I will plant a red onion and the green onion.

Now, I have on the go, a green cabbage, garlic and leeks! I am so excited.

With the organic green cabbage, I cut off the bottom, leaving abCabb in waterout an inch to an inch and a half.

I placed it in a dish and added water just to cover the roots. Here is what it looks like. Each day I will spray my cutting with water to keep the top moist

I hope to plant it in the garden once some leaves appear. This should take about seven days or so.

With the leeks, I am treating them just like the green onions (which are going in the garden today!). What is most important is to cut the basal part to about 4 inches or 10 cm. long. These are then placed in water and will root quickly. By weeks end they will be in the garden too! Here are my leeks!

LeekLeek in water

And here is my red onion ready to go into the garden.

Red Onion

As a result of all this new information, I have redesigned my plans for the last 3 plots in my daughter’s garden. I will blog that tomorrow.

I also read yesterday, that tomatoes don’t grow well near strawberry plants. So, I removed two strawberry plants from my community garden and placed them in front of my fence in my condo. Hopefully, my heirloom tomato plants won’t suffer.

I am beginning to rethink my community garden plot as it gets very little sun. I may have to dig up all the tomatoes and pot them for my patio as I have also heard that blight here is bad in the fall. If they are in pots I can bring them in out of the rain. I will let you know if I do. Happy Gardening!

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