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Wine stains on carpetHave you ever had stains in your carpets or on your clothes that just would not come out? I have had many, some on my favorite clothes, some on my furniture and some on my carpets. They annoyed me no end. I had my own methods that would work sometimes and not others.

With wine stains, I would use salt and lots of it. If you sprinkle it liberally on the stain when it is spilled, it will soak up the wine, colour and all. But the problem is, it dries up fast and if any of it dries, you’ll never get it out.

The same goes for food spills, doggie accidents and many more stains.

My daughter finally told me one day, what to do. I am not sure where she got the information but it works for every stain imaginable. Just last week, my husband spilled some wine but didn’t tell me until the next day (I know!). It was quite a bit of wine and it was RED wine! Totally dry! I decided to try this tried and true method once again. Guess what? The stain came out immediately. Although I am not sure how to deal with my husband… suggestions are welcome.

So, what is this magic stain remover?


It is equal parts or 1:1 ratio:

Hydrogen Peroxide
Dawn Dish Soap

Pour in the same amount of the peroxide and Dawn dish soap and mix it together. Dribble the mixture on the stain with a spoon and use the spoon to spread the mix to cover the entire stain. Just make sure all parts of the stain are covered with this mixture. Let the mixture site for a few minutes. Then take a clean cloth and scrub it a little, dab it and then use paper towel to absorb any leftover. That is it!

Do you have a great stain removal idea? Please share it with us in the comments below.

photo by: gromgull
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