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Cindy CrawfordDo you have unsightly moles on your face, back, arms? I had one on my face for quite a few years. I called it my Cindy Crawford look but I did not like it! I did not think that there was anything that I could do about this mole until I came across a book called, “Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Miracle” by William Campbell Douglas MD.

In this book, he talks about Hydrogen Peroxide and all it can cure. He talks about moles and says,

“Before going to a surgeon to have a mole excised or burned off, try applying three percent hydrogen peroxide to the nevus with a cotton swab twice daily.”

I figured why not give this a try. I had a bottle of Aerobic Oxygenator or food grade peroxide. I also had a bottle of 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide. I knew from reading his book that the Aerobic Oxygenator was very good for you and could cure many, many things. I decided I would take that orally and use the 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide topically.

I put 5 drops in water, stirred well and drank it. I did this twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. At the same time, I would put the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide on the mole on my face. The first few days, nothing happened. About the third day it began getting a little crusty. The fourth day, it was even crustier, so I started picking at it, just a little. The fifth day it started to bleed a little when I was picking at it. The sixth day, I continued to pick and most of the crust came off. On the seventh day, it was GONE! I was absolutely thrilled.

I don’t look like Cindy Crawford any more but I don’t have a mole!

Do you have moles you don’t like? Or do you think they are beautiful? Comment below!

photo by: iron_smyth48
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