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Pueblo IndiansI read about this and knew I had to share it. Imagine being able to cure or avoid cancer!! Read on!

The Land of Hunza

The Apricot Kernel Anti-Cancer Theory

Do these kernels have important protective powers which in some way play an important role in the extraordinary health and longevity of the Hunza people? The evidence suggest they very well might. Cancer and arthritis are both very rare among the Taos (New Mexico) Pueblo Indians.

Their traditional beverage is made from the group kernels of cherries, peaches and apricots. Robert G. Houston told PREVENTION that he enjoyed this beverage when he was in New Mexico gathering material for a book dealing with blender shakes based on an Indian recipe.

Into a glass of milk or juice, he mixed a tablespoon of honey with freshly ground apricot kernels (1/4 of an ounce or two dozen kernels) which had been roasted for 10 minutes at 300.

It is vitally impotent to roast the kernels first. Houston points out, “in order to insure safety when you are using the pits in such quantities.” roasting destroys enzymes which could upset your stomach if you eat too many at on time.

In any event the drink was so delicious that Houston kept having it daily. On the third day of drinking this concoction, Houston says that a funny thing happened. Two little benign skin growths on his arm , which formerly were pink had turned brown. The next day, he noticed that the growths were black and shriveled. On the seventh morning, the smaller more recent growths had vanished completely and the larger one. about the size of a grain of rice, had simply fallen off.

Houston says that two of his friends have since tried the apricot shakes and report similar elimination of benign skin growths in one or two weeks.

What do you think about this potential cure? join the conversation in the comments!

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