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Chipotle Eliminates GMOI absolutely love it when a large company takes matter into their own hands, especially when it involves GMOs. Chipotle is doing just that. They are stepping up where it counts most. They decided to let the public know what food in their restaurants is genetically modified and what foods were not genetically modified. Brilliant!

Not only that, but they have actually started replacing GMO soybean oil with Non-GMO sunflower oil for their fried foods. You can go to their website for more information on the ingredients in their menu items. Kuddos to Chipotle!

Chipotle was one of many organizations that backed Proposition 37 in California. Even though it was defeated, labeling genetically engineered food is starting to snowball now. Many states are in the process of passing their own bills with regards to this.

What do you think? Are you more or less likely to eat at Chipotle now? Do you think all restaurants should reveal which ingredients are GMO and which are not? Post in the comments below!

For more information, read the rest of the article here.


photo by: animakitty
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